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Hand piped florals & cute fairy toppers make this whimsical cake that extra bit special! 

The colour scheme can be completely customised by you. 



Serving numbers are for dessert serves.

6" (short) cake - approximately 8-12 servings 

6" (tall) cake - approximately 15-20 servings 

7" cake - approximately 25-30 servings

8" cake - approximately 35-40 servings 


For reference, the pictured cake was 6" short. 

Fairy Flower Garden

PriceFrom AU$130.00
  • Our cakes are buttercream cakes and are required to be stored in the fridge, but recommended to be enjoyed at room temperature. This means that you will need to find space in your fridge for your cake, and bring it out 1-2 hours before serving. 

    If you don't have someone to hold your cake, we recommend placing it somewhere nice and flat like the footwell of your car. 

    If being delivered to a venue, Sweet Street Cakery will ensure this is done with care. Unfortunately, Sweet Street Cakery cannot be held liable for any damage incurred when being stored at other premises' or when being handled by people or staff outside of Sweet Street Cakery. 

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